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Toronto is the most metropolitan area in Canada with a population of 2,615,060 making it the 4th largest city in North America and today it has become the prominent center for music. With this being said it comes at no surprise when staggering statistics come our way to show “on paper” evidence of this fact.

The city is the home of over 18,500 songwriters and musicians. The city offers over 540 locations to enjoy live music and hosts 75 core musical festivals and festivals across a multitude of genres. This diversity has become a very welcome tradition in the city of Toronto and has thus become a stopping destination for millions of tourists and performers of the art across the globe.

Before 2013, when a person thought of cities in the western hemisphere which held rich culture of the arts, the obvious candidates of thought would be cities such as Los Angeles, New York or New Orleans. Until fairly recently if you were to tell someone in Toronto that their city would become North America’s 3rd largest music market they most likely would not have believed your words.

Before the explosion of the music scene in Toronto, the culture residing in the city held a very individualistic mentality. Few citizens of the great city had interest in understanding roots and history of their home.

Due to this lack of focus, individuals freely began to focus on themselves and do what they pleased. Consequentially the great gifts that the Torontonians possessed were for a long period of time hidden behind closed doors.

People are free to act but they can go only as far as government will permit its people. Before the eru ption of music, in the city of Toronto, the city government was not at all interested in the topic of music and how it could give spark the flame of the city’s pride. It wasn’t until 3 new councilors and fans of music were put on the board that this flame was ignited.

This resulted in the formation of the Toronto Music Advisory Council in December 2013 and the city was changed forever.

Today Toronto is the country’s cultural capital with a variety of activities displaying the immense diversity of its population with street festivals, stadium shows and operas available at any moment. The diversification has allowed the music industry to flourish through the city and has played an intricate part in the arts evolution.
With the immense diversification that the city possesses and it being a city of music; there is no question that the city is constantly aware of the ever growing changing trends of media. The city and media hold much in common as it pertains to how it preserves and releases its product.

However of all the media outlets that have made the biggest impact in the music industry; none have played a bigger part than that of social media. In the past, the music industry consisted of three simple steps to keep itself above drowning level: band or artist record song, record label sells songs and record label makes money.
This process of course has been shattered by the opportunities given out by the internet and CD sales have been replaced by online streaming and download sites. With these opportunities comes the window to be able to socialize with other fans of the particular genre and artist; exposing the record label, artist and genre to a greater audience.

Through specific social media platforms such as brand watch, labels and artists alike will be able to track the progression of their marketing efforts and music. While adjusting to new trends isn’t always easy the reality is that the main channel of communicating in today’s world is social media and the music industry has come to respect that evolution.

Today it only takes a click of a button, a minute worth of a blog or a simple tweet to put your favorite artist out on the map for hundreds of friends and strangers alike to see. With the newest cutting edge media advances, it doesn’t take much effort to download a song or within minutes find out when and where the artist will playing next nearest you.

All these advancements are being well received by the industry today as well the cities that believe in what music stands for, not the least if all being the great city of Toronto.

The Toronto Music Advisory Council was created for many reasons, however the mission was to always to bring individuals together; to restore a broken city and bring its diverse population together as one community to share one common interest.

Social media has become the new source for the musical city to provide a more easily accessible bridge for executing this goal. There is a lot that can be said for both the city of Toronto and the power of social media. However when it comes to the topic of music, rest assured, it’ll be easy to find the both of them in the same sentence. A Special Shout Out to one of our supporters: an HVAC Repair Company based out of the sunshine state and our sincere thoughts go out to those families involved/ related to the Pulse Night Club.