Author: breakadmin25

Just Chillin’

I’m going to digress from my normal blog topics of entertainment innovations and breaking developments today.

I’m actually going to talk about air conditioning.


I’m addressing it because while it may seem a humdrum and mundane topic, if it’s 110 degrees and your air conditioning quits working, it’s no longer a humdrum and mundane topic! It becomes a completely front-brain thing that consumes your entire conscious experience!


So what happened is that my a/c went out in my store. If you haven’t read other blogs of mine, then you know that I have an entertainment innovation store where I sell products, downloads, concepts, and technology.

So in the middle of July, the a/c went out in my store.

I tell you, it took about seven minutes for that place to heat up hotter than a sauna. Yeah, I know I’m exaggerating a little bit, but not by much. I realized that I needed to very quickly track down an a/c company that had emergency service and 24-hour repair service.

My a/c had gone out at 6 o’clock which was after normal business hours, obviously. Thus the need for a company that could provide 24-hour service.

I googled a/c companies near me and came up with a bunch. I was looking for companies that could provide commercial air condition service in addition to residential air conditioning service. I needed one that would service my Trane a/c system.

I found World Class AC that had emergency repair service and 24/7 service and repaired most major manufacturers’ equipment, including Trane, Rheem, and Del-Air.

I called the company and they had a guy out to me within an hour. I was totally impressed. He came inside and inspected the ductwork and the HVAC and then looked outside at the unit itself and the compressor

Of course it was the compressor that had gone out . . . a nice, inexpensive little part . . . but he was able to go back to the shop and get the right one and bring it back to me and fix the unit.

The whole process took about four hours, which meant that both he and I were both there until after midnight. Nevertheless, he finished up the job and got the a/c turned back on, and by one or two a.m., I had fully functioning a/c.

That experience reminded me of how important air conditioning is, how much we tend to take it for granted, and how desperate we are to get it working again when it goes out on a hot day. I was fortunate that I found this great company that got my system up and running again, and I just wanted to give them a shout out.

I believe in giving public props to great service providers. They’re good people and deserve lots of business!